DJMAX 시리즈/아티스트

  • DJMAX 시리즈에 참여한 아티스트들을 정리하는 문서.
  • 펜타비전 내주/외주 작업이 분명하지 않은 아티스트는 외주 작업으로 분류.
  • 개별 문서가 개설되지 않은 경우 참여 작품은 각주로 정리.
    • 각주에 참여 작품이 많은 경우 外를 사용.
    • 개별 문서가 개설되었거나 확인된 경우 각주를 삭제.

1 뮤지션

1.1 내주 참여, 혹은 내주였던 아티스트

1.2 외주 참여 아티스트

1.3 라이센스 K-Pop/Pop

2 2D/3D 비주얼 제작

2.1 내주 참여, 혹은 내주였던 아티스트

2.2 외주 참여

  1. Stars in your Eyes, Lost n' found, Melody, Cozy Quilt
  2. FTR, Fear, Higher
  3. First Kiss, Get Down
  4. Sakurakaketsu
  5. Super Lovely, Minimal Life, Detonator, Dreadnought
  6. Temptation
  7. 피아노 협주곡 1번
  8. Arabian Night, Sneakers, Cool Running 外
  9. Ventilator
  10. Fallen Angel, Feel
  11. Get Out Hip Noodle Mix
  12. SQUEEZE, Dear my Lady, Shoreline
  13. PDM
  14. BEE-U-TIFUL, D2
  15. Fury, Dark Envy
  16. Now a New Day
  17. Wanna Be Your Lover, Angel
  18. White Blue, Plastic Method
  19. Fever Pitch Girl
  20. Luv Flow, River Flow, IM
  21. 바람에게 부탁해 Live Mix , Rock Or Die
  22. Color, Puzzler, Oohlala, 外 다수 곡들의 모션작업
  23. TARI와 합작 다수 外
  24. Closer, Get Down, Son of Sun, Dual Strikers, Get on Top(DMTT) 外
  25. Say it from your heart
  26. Hey!There
  28. Rolling On the Duck, Enemy Storm, Chain of Gravity, Minus 3, Leave me alone
  29. The Night Stage, Electronics, Your Smile
  30. Over The Rainbow
  31. Road Of Death
  32. NB Ranger, Eternal Memory ~소녀의 꿈~, Eternal Fantasy ~유니의 꿈~, Trip
  33. SuperSonic 타이틀 아트 (S4 League 아트 디렉터)
  34. Higher, Let Go, My Alias, Negative Nature. DJMAX Portable / DJMAX Portable CE/BS / DJMAX TECHNIKA / DJMAX TECHNIKA 2 아트 디렉터
  35. 처음만 힘들지, Nova ~Mr.Funky Remix~
  36. Lemonade, FTR, Hello Pinky, StarFish, Mess It Up, Heart of Witch, Fallin' in LUV, 유령
  37. 너에게, Cozy Quilt, Honeymoon, MonoXide, Ready Now, STOP
  38. 영원, Colours of Sorrow, Freedom, Get Down, In the Tdot, Keys to the World, Ruti'n, Voyage
  39. 무투, A Life With You, Creator, EGG, Eternal Fantasy, Love Mode, Shining My Boy, Son of Sun, The Clear Blue Sky, The Last Dance, Watch Your Step
  40. Fermion, Here in the Moment, Lovely hands, Melody Now a NEW Day, Over the Rainbow, Secret World, Sweet Dream, Sweet Shining Shooting Star, You & Me
  41. Fallin' in LUV, My Heart, My Soul
  42. Cosmic Fantastic Lovesong, Desperado, First Kiss, Grave Consequence, In my Dream, In My Heart, I want You
  43. Out of CTRL, Victim of Love
  44. 설레임 Part.2, Fate~運命~, Wanna Be Your Lover
  45. Heart of Witch, Remember, The Guilty, Y
  46. Get Out
  47. RockSTAR, Take on me
  48. D2, Right Back, Chemical Slave
  49. Another Day
  50. Memory of Beach
  51. Can We Talk
  52. For the Ikarus, Memoirs
  53. Remember
  54. Space of Soul(TR), Aurora Borealis
  55. Mind Control
  56. Get Up
  57. Someday
  58. Tell Me
  59. Desperado
  60. Dear my Lady, PDM, Mister
  61. Fermion
  62. 아침형 인간, Oblivion
  63. Get Down
  64. ZET
  65. Fever GJ, Elastic Star, Dream of You 外
  66. Showdown
  67. 영원, Keys to the World
  68. My Jealousy
  69. NB Girls
  70. Damascus
  71. Motion
  72. Angel(DMT3)
  73. Bye Bye Love
  74. IF
  75. Break!
  76. Grave Consequence
  77. One Sided Love, School Someday
  78. Feel(TR)
  79. Lost n' found
  80. Ready Now
  81. Mellow D Fantasy
  82. 설레임 Part.2
  83. Brandnew Days
  84. Just For Today
  85. 너에게, Lover, Watch Your Step, A Life With You
  86. Secret World
  87. No Way
  88. Luv Yourself
  89. The Rain Maker, White Blue(DMP3), Luv Flow Funky House Mix, Become Myself
  90. Save My Dream
  91. Black Swan
  92. Enemy Storm Dark Jungle Mix, Season (Warm Mix)
  93. Nightmare
  94. Too Fast
  95. Supernova
  96. MonoXide
  97. Talk! Talk!
  98. Sunset Rider
  99. 복수혈전
  100. ON, Celestial Tears
  101. Catch You
  102. Shoreline
  103. Ventilator
  104. DJMAX
  105. Voyage, My Heart, My Soul, Dark Prism, 모차르트 교향곡 40번 1악장(DMTT)
  106. In the Tdot, Victim of Love, Never Say(DMTT)
  107. Urban Night(CE)
  108. Colours of Sorrow, Ruti'n
  109. Creator, Fate, The Guilty
  110. Showtime
  111. Y, You should get over me
  112. Super Lovely
  113. Divine Service, Burn it Down
  114. Thor(DMTT)
  115. Get Out Hip Noodle Mix(DMP3)
  116. Streetlight
  117. Black Swan
  118. Stalker
  119. 바람에게 부탁해, Midnight Blood
  120. Right Now
  121. Stay with me
  122. Fear, Urban Night(DMO)
  123. Xeus
  124. End of the Moonlight, sO mUCH iN LUV
  125. Jealousy
  126. In my Dream
  127. Jealousy
  128. Bamboo on Bamboo, Renovation
  129. Dancin' Planet
  130. Cozy Quilt
  131. Fury, Fever Pitch Girl
  132. Dream Again, Shining My Boy
  133. 무투, STOP, Coastal Tempo, Feel Ma Beat, Out of CTRL
  134. Wanna Be Your Lover
  135. Real Over Drive, Fentanest
  136. Minimal Life